Time goes by and it doesn’t go away. I thought it will pass and fade away but it doesn’t. I have tried, looked to have control of emotions or resist the attractiveness of my soul to yours, but it’s just a waste of time and energy. We are different but in some many ways alike. The friendship line it’s so blured sometimes and I find it sometimes unnatural and unreal. Love causes the attraction and the desire of the union… that’s so natural, union is one of the results of love.

I’m learning a great deal about me while experiencing these things, feelings, emotions, attractiveness, closeness, etc. I don’t try to rationalize them because it’s a waste of energy; I don’t try to avoid or repress them because they will come out eventually and probably in a distorted way. They are there, I just go with the flaw… I love you and there is nothing I can do about it. Sometimes I fantasied, imagined what or how it will be… but reality hits me and puff! back to earth. I have learned about my longings and fears as well as my strengths and qualities while experiencing you and that has been very useful. I learn and know how serious the touch of love is, it has gave me eyes for the divine; experienced the revitalization of fantasy; discovered communication without words tasting intimacy. I learn about individuality and the profound mystery in the fact of two individuals touched by mutual love crossing paths… they remain individuals but there is a mysterious exchange, some kind of living in each other soul.

Learning and experiencing loving you, a new and a profound kind of love, has helped me to see relationships in a new dimension. It seems like we don’t only grow together in work related things but also in the personal area, especially around relationships. I am more aware of myself and my emotions so I open myself to love in a different, in a new way. I love you despise our differences. I love you because the amazing qualities I see in you. I love you because you awake in me fantasy and all internal senses (imagination, memory, common sense, perception of reality) Overall I love you with all your individualities which some of them can be annoying but I still love you. I love you despise difference as much as I love you in similarities.